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2009 10
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Articles and Reports

Philological Analysis of Lyric Poem

Pavlova N.S. On the Aggregat iveness of Rilke s Word

Prikhodko I.S. The Lyrical Triptych by A.Blok

Lekmanov O.A. On a Possibilit y of a Biographic Implicat ion in Mandelshtam s Sonnet Casino (1912)

Israpova F.Kh. Auto-reference as a Way of Description of Dreat ive Work in the Poem of V.Bryusov Creat ion

Kazmirchuk O.Yu. Unique Days as the Last Poem of When the Weather Clears Poetical Cycle

History of Literature

Pastuchkova N.A. Tradit ion of Ovid s Heroides and Its Role in Creat ing of Spanish Sent imental Novel of XV Century

Dovgy O.L. Book Plots and Motives in Kantemir s and Pushkin s Works

Krivonos V.Ch. Strange Cast le

Polonsky V.V. Chekhov s Irony:Between Classics and the Silver Age

Tiupa V.I. Communicat ive Strategy of Prophecy in Chingis Ajt matov s Prose

Comparative Studies

Kozmenko M.V. The Novelist Paul Bourget and the Schoolboy Leonid Andreev (Choice of Reading Matter and Its Influence on Behaviour and Writ ing Pract ice)


Glukhova E.V., Torshilov D.O. Khandrikov:on the Origin of the Name of the A.Bely's IIId

Symphony Protagonist

Kono W. Osya and His Friends :Ilya Kabakov and the Jewishness

Theoretical Problems

Kirilenko N.N. Detective:Logic and Play (continuation)

Stekhov A.V. Russian Formalism and V.Nabokov s Nikolai Gogol

Modern Education

Malinauskene N.K. Russian Derivat ives of the Ancient Greek Root ARCH-

Magomedova D.M., Malkina V.Ya. Syllabus to the Introduction to the Source-study in Literature


Mann Yu.V. Alik Kogan: Memory Reconstruction


Informat ion about authors

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