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2009 11


Articles and Reports

History of Literature

Toriyama Ju. Picturesque Moments in Description of Dining Tables in the Poetry of G.R.Derzhavin

Tamarchenko N.D. Russian Riot in Pushkin s and Dostoevsky s Works (Capitan s Daughter and The Possessed )

Orlova M.V. Eternal Co-traveller :Gogol and Zinaida Gippius in Critical


Alexandrova M.A. Ant iquit y in Bulat Okudzhava's Novel Adventures of Dilettantes

Kuvchinova M.S. Poetics of Reminiscences in Bonaventura s Night Watches

Theoretical Problems

Lobanova G.A. Type of Description in Bunin's Meliton

Lialiaev S.V. The Genre,the Plot and the Theme of the Revolution in Povest by Boris Pasternak

Kirilenko N.N. Detective:Logic and Play (continuation)


Gadjiev M.A. Ryuhin and...Pontius Pilate?(On a Certain Organizat ion Principle of Secondary Characters in M.A.Bulgakov s Novel Master and Margarita )

Poetics of Cyclization

Nikulin D.V. Road Cycle as the Essent ial Structural Element of Levitansky s Letters to Katerin,or a Stroll Wit h Faustus

Philology and

Zudov Ju.K. The Plot of Modern Libretto (Opera Margarita by V.Cobekin)

Modern Education

Danilkova Ju.Ju. German Literature of the XIX th Century :Course of Germanic Studies (the Culture,the History,the Literature)

Malinauskene N.K. Russian Derivat ives of the Ancient Greek Root ARCH- (continuation)

Surveys and Reviews

Dukkon A. On the Issues of Perception of Salt ikov-Schedrin by Hungarian Critic

Alechina T.S. Literature and Its Theory:Disclosure of a Myth

Editorial Mail

Simonova O.A. As Researches Have a Scientific Degree of Doctor of Philology Student Robbed


Informat ion about Authors

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