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2010 13
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Articles and Reports

History of Literature

Natalia L.Lavrova The motif of Divine Narcissism in Baroque Literature

Olga A.Bogdanova Country-estate Culture in the Russian Literature of the XIX beg.XX Century.Social and Cultural Aspects

Yulia N.Starodubtseva Afanasy Fet s Works as Perceived by Aleksandr Blok (using Aleksandr Blok s library as a study case)

Olga A.Zhironkina Development of Edgar Poe s Literary Reputation in Russia: On the Issue of Biographical Sources

Maria A.Aleksandrova ...But the Rose in the Hand what for? On a New Context of a Classical Image in Bulat Okudzhava s Lyric Poetry


Yulia V.Krasovitskaya The Motif of Renewal in the Drama of E.Toller Die Wandlung

Olga V.Fedunina Oneiric Forms as a Means of Organizing the Subject Structure in Ivan Bunin s Story Dreams

Philology and

Monika V.Orlova The History of the Monument to Nikolai Gogol: To Add Another Touch to the Portrait of Sculptor Nikolai Andreyev

Modern Education

Natan D.Tamarchenko Poetic Theory.Learning Package?Olga Y.Kazmirchuk The Silver Age Literature vis-a-vis Other Arts.Course Syllabus

Surveys and Reviews

Galina A.Lobanova Handbook of Narratology:Mindedness or Loss of the Object of Study?

Academic Events

Maria A.Pavlenok, Anton A.Sculachev Different as an Interdisciplinary Concept in Cultural Contexts (the 2 nd Students Scient ific Conference,RSUH,March 12 13, 2010)


Informat ion about authors

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