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2010 14
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Articles and Reports

Theoretical Problems

Valery I.Tyupa The Drama as a Type of Utterance

Natalia N.Kirilenko, Olga V.Fedunina Classic Detective and Police Novel:Problem of Dist inguishing Genres

History of Literature

Sergey V.Savinkov Narrative Collisions of the Pushkin Epoch:Two Plots Svetlana

V.Fedotova The Time-Space in Kormchiye zviozdy by Viach.Ivanov (Poryv i grani )

Comparatives Studies

Olga L.Dovgy Theme of Retribution in Pushkin s Litt le Tragedies and Barr y Cornwall s Works

Natalia L.Lavrova The Narcissus Motive in Literature of Neotradit ionalism

Modern Education

Natalia A.Bakshi History and Culture of Switzerland

Proceedings of the Conference on Foreign Languages:Traditions and Innovations (Moscow,RSUH,April 8,2010)

Galina A.Steputenko Intercultural Communicat ion in the Process of Learning Spanish language at the Facult y of History and Philology

Lyudmila A.Kalyamova Language Competence Building as One of the Key Aims of Modern System of Education

Svetlana Yu.Polyakova Role of Grammar in Forming of Interculture Competence

Irina B.Antonova Methods of Applying Rhetorical Technologies in Instructional Communicat ion:How to apply a Polit ical Text to the Process of Teaching Canonic and Non-Vanonic Strategies of Persuasion

Indira A.Gazieva Can Hindi Take the Most Modern Methods of Teaching?

Inna M.Petrova The Use of Research Projects in English in Process of Training Students Studying Internat ional Law

Larisa O.Linkova English Language Writ ing Course Design for the field of Human Resource Management

Svetlana E.Perfilova Auding on the Start Up

Tamara S.Srtokina European Standards and theirs Applicat ion in the Final Exam at the Department for History and Philology RSUH

Tatiana T. Zhelezanova Literature in the German Lessons


Informat ion about authors

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