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2013 25


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Poetics of B.Pasternak s Novel Doctor Zhivago

Articles and Reports

O.A.Grimova (Krasnodar) Genre peculiarities of the Novel Doctor Zhivago

I.V.Kuznetsov (Novosibirsk),S.V.Lyalyaev (Moscow) The Transformation of Reality as the Inner Plot of Doctor Zhivago

V.I.Tjupa (Moscow) Narrative intrigue of Doctor Zhivago

N.V.Poselyagin (Moscow) Narrative intrigue in the Nodal Structure of B.Pasternak s Novel Doctor Zhivago

G.A.Zhilicheva (Novosibirsk) Interference of the Narrative Instances in B.Pasternak s Novel Doctor Zhivago

T.D.Pronina (Moscow) On the Question of Poetics of the Juvenile Theme in Doctor Zhivago

V.I.Tjupa (Moscow) Poetics of Palimpsest in Doctor Zhivago


Yu.V.Mann (Moscow) The Unforgettable


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