The procedure to review manuscripts, sent to the The New Philological Bulletin

The The New Philological Bulletin observes the following order to review manuscripts and articles:

  1. The author presents an article 20-25000 characters (including spaces) in electronic, brief CV, summary (not less 1500 characters) and keywords in Russian and English.
  2. The proposed article will be reviewed by experts not members of the editorial board specialists in the research area (Dr. Sc. or PhD is necessary for reviewers).
  3. Review should include a qualified analysis of the text, its objective and reasoned assessment according to recommendations. In the review, special attention should be paid to the following issues: general analysis of the research level, terminology, structure of the text, the relevance of the topic; assessment of preparedness of the manuscript for publication in respect of language and style, requirements for registration; methods and techniques used by the author and the results obtained with appropriate research tools; the preferred amount of the manuscript as a whole and its individual elements (text, bibliographic references); author's inaccuracies and errors.
  4. The reviewer has right to make recommendations for improving the manuscript, if it is any need for additions and refinements in the article, then sent to the author for revision. Reviewers comments and suggestions should be objective and direct, aimed to improve the methodology and factology of the research.
  5. The conclusion of the review should inform about the decision and contain reasonable recommendation of the advisability of the publication.
  6. After reviewing the manuscript could be or rejected, or sent to the author for correction according to the review, or accepted for publication. The final decision on acceptance of the article for publication in one of the issues would be taken by the editor in chief, and if necessary with consultation of the editorial board. The decision to publish articles, revised according to the comments of the reviewers, is made exclusively by the editorial board of the journal, if necessary, assigning additional expertise.
  7. The Editorial Board reserves the right to abridge manuscripts and correct spelling.
  8. The Editorial Board will inform the author on the decision upon request. To any author of non accepted article would be send upon request the reasoned letter of the rejection.
  9. If author disagrees with any statements of the reviewer, the manuscript by permission of the editorial board could be redirected for new reviewing.